Stallholder Terms & Conditions

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All stallholders trading at the Northey Street City Farm (‘NSCF’) Community Gardens and Permaculture Festival (‘the Festival’) are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by NSCF. Stallholders will be notified by email if changes to the Terms and Conditions occur.

The stallholder agrees to be subject to all terms and conditions of the venue proprietors Brisbane City Council.

The Festival will run concurrently with the weekly NSCF Organic Market. For more information about the Market, please visit:


Any lost or found property can be given to, or reported to, Festival staff, or handed in at the Market Shed or Nursery.

Any found property can be collected on Festival day from the Market Shed or it will be available for collection from the NSCF office during normal business hours from Tuesday to Thursday.



Stallholders will be notified of their allocated site approximately two weeks before the Festival. While the best efforts will be made to satisfy stallholder requests, stall spaces are limited, and allocated positions will be determined based on best fit with the Festival’s layout and needs. We are happy to discuss stallholders’ preferences at any time, but the final decision for stall allocation is non-negotiable.



Trading hours are 8am – 12pm. Stallholders must be at their allocated site no later than 30 minutes before the Festival opening time, without prior approval of Festival staff.



Stallholder Categories

Stallholders are sought from the following categories:

  • Community gardens
  • Permaculture practitioners
  • Stalls that align with the ethics and vision of NSCF and/or the Australasian Permaculture Convergence


No stallholder fees will be charged.

Donations to NSCF are gratefully accepted and contribute to our environmental work and education programme – including the operation of this Festival. To donate, please visit:



The Festival is an all-weather event, and it will operate irrespective of weather conditions, ‘rain, hail, or shine’, except for severe flooding.

Stallholders are responsible to plan for adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold and heat with appropriate safety and wet weather procedures and equipment (e.g. marquee sides and weights to secure marquees).

NSCF, its operator/s, servants, agents and/or assigns shall not be liable for loss or damage to stock and/or equipment however caused.



Stallholders will be issued with a bump in procedure approximately two weeks before the Festival. Stallholders should prepare to trolley or carry their equipment onto the Festival site from a nearby loading zone. Vehicle access may be granted in exceptional circumstances and only with prior approval from Festival staff.

All stallholder vehicles should be parked in the grass parking lots on the Northern side of Northey Street or on the street away from the Festival. This is essential to free up parking spots for Festival patrons.



Products and/or services may be sold with prior approval from Festival staff.



Stallholders are required to comply with all regulations applicable to their respective stalls and products.



Stallholders have workplace health and safety responsibilities and a duty of care within and adjacent to their stall site, and on the Festival site.


NSCF is a no smoking area. Smoking is only permitted five metres beyond the site’s perimeter.

Emergencies and First Aid

In case of emergency, all stallholders are to comply with the lawful directions of Festival staff and any emergency personnel.

All accidents or injuries are to be reported to Festival staff as soon as possible.

A fully stocked First Aid Kit is located in the City Farm Nursery. A qualified first aider is on staff and is to provide first aid treatment and fill in the required paperwork.

Lost Children

Stallholders should take any lost children to the City Farm Nursery (‘safe zone’), and Festival staff will be contacted to follow the Lost Children Procedure.

Power Leads and Electrical Equipment

All power leads and electrical equipment (regardless of how new) must have a current test tag. Stallholders are responsible for engaging a licensed electrician to ensure all their leads and electrical equipment have current test tags. Any leads or equipment found to not comply will be removed from the stall site.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Stallholders will not be permitted on-site if they are significantly impaired by alcohol or illegal drugs. Stallholders should not consume alcohol or illegal drugs during the operating time of the Festival.


Brisbane City Council, the owner of the Festival venue, allows dogs in public spaces. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep their dog on a lead, restrain it if needed, and clean up after their dog.

NSCF cannot stop patrons from bringing their dogs to the Festival. It is encouraged that stallholders DO NOT allow dogs to enter the confines of their stalls. If a patron blatantly ignores stallholder requests, please call Festival staff to come and talk with the patron.

Stallholders should not bring or cause to bring any animals into the market area, except for licenced Guide Dogs and those with prior approval from Festival staff.



Stallholders are responsible for their own product, business, and/or personal liability insurance.

Stallholders acknowledge that NSCF’s insurance does not cover them.

NSCF shall not be held liable for loss or damage to stallholder property caused by any third party before, during or after the Festival.



Stallholders must to comply with the Queensland Government Plastic Bag Ban. Single-use plastic items are also banned from the Festival.

NSCF rubbish and recycling bins are provided for patron use only. Stallholders are expected to take any large waste items (e.g. cardboard packaging) off-site for reuse, recycling or disposal.

Stallholders must leave their site and immediate surrounds in a clean state.



Stallholders and their staff agree to read and abide by the NSCF Code of Conduct. Please read it here:

Stallholders must not physically or verbally interfere with other stallholders and/or stall sites at any time.

Loud and intrusive selling techniques are not permitted. Stallholders are not to use public address systems or carry out other practices that may cause annoyance to other stallholders and patrons.

Stallholders must comply with requests and directions from Festival staff. Stallholders must refrain from any practice that Festival Coordinator believes could discredit the Festival or NSCF in any way.



NSCF has complete and unfettered right to use any image of the Festival or a stall for general promotion, whether by printed material, through its website/social media, or other means.



Festival Coordinator Phone: 0481 844 568

Site/Postal Address: 16 Victoria Street, Windsor, QLD, 4030



Emergencies: 000

Fortitude Valley Police Station:(07) 3737 5757