The programme will include talks and workshops covering topics relevant to the three ethics of Permaculture, which are Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. We feel it is important to explore the bigger picture of what true sustainability entails. Earth Care is obviously essential, however without People Care and nurturing healthy, sustainable relating, the task of coming together and working as a community can be greatly hindered. Finally, if attention and conscious intention isn’t given to the economic sustainability of communities, and the distribution of resources isn’t equitable, then a community will struggle to be truly sustainable in the long term.

As well as thought-provoking keynote speakers, the  daytime workshops will each be 90 minutes long to allow for more participation and hands-on activities. There will also be opportunities for some 10-minute presentations or project reports one evening, and a project poster display area to share your projects with everyone at the Convergence. 

The programme will be announced in December 2019.

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